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Our Roots go back to 1982: Education & Wealth through Real Estate Investing
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Our Next General Meeting:  Monday, August 18, 2014


6:30 pm. Registration; Pre-meetings

6:55 pm  Meet the Vendors

7:10 pm. Announcements from the Board.


7:30 pm Featured Speaker Felice Londa, Esq.



“Now That You’ve Found the Property, How Not To Botch The Deal?”


Felice was admitted to the practice of law in 1982. She has successfully closed hundreds of real estate sales, including residential sales and short sales, multifamily homes, apartment buildings and commercial properties.


§  Due Diligence before you sign the contract (Lions & Tigers & Bears in the real estate business – a/k/a USTs, variances, building permits, financing, time frames, etc.- Oh My!).


§  What to look for in a real estate contract, and what to avoid like the plague. Amendments for Buyers versus Amendments for Sellers.


§  Inspection contingencies? Flips versus Keepers.


§  Mortgage Contingencies. (Don’t wait till the last minute or your flip will be a flop.)


§  USTs – Underground Storage Tanks – Active or Abandoned and how to tell the difference.


§  Title Work – hidden bombs that can blow up your deal.


§  HUD-1 RESPA Statements – making the incomprehensible comprehensible (mostly).


§  Closing Documents – and what else you need at closing besides a smile.


§  And, answers to your wildest questions.