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Changing Times and Reading the Tea Leaves


 2021 has shaped up to quite a year, in my view, more of a continuation of 2020 than a complete break.

More Government intervention in people’s lives and businesses and it appears more to come.

Quite frankly, this does not portend well for the future in many areas.

The real estate and stock market bubbles has continued to grow although recent statistics indicate the real estate market (thankfully) is starting to slow.

To clarify, real estate prices cannot continue to increase 20% per annum. That kind of “appreciation” simply guarantees an eventual decrease in the real estate market.

The recent Democrat Party tax overhaul proposal contained several anti-real estate investor language including, a requirement that self-directed IRA’s (SIDRA) could not own investment property, among other provisions.

Fortunately, investors and investment groups took action, (thanks NAREIA, &. CORREE) and let their representatives know that this would not be acceptable and it was withdrawn from the legislation.

And thanks to the MREIA members who took the time to contact their elected representatives on this important matter.

However keep in mind that those favoring limiting your investment choices will try again so we must remain vigilant and be prepared to fight back.

In any event the tea leaves are there to be read and deciphered.

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What's the Fair Chance in Housing Act all about?


 The following legislation, which was discussed at the MREIA Meeting on Monday evening has been signed by Governor Murphy.

Please take the time to review and familiarize yourself with the new law, which has a big impact on property owners/housing providers.

Three comments I would like to make:

Once again, the government has overstepped their bounds
“people generally get the government they deserve”, ( as per Ben Franklin / Alexis de Tocqueville ) particularly when they do not take the time to learn what policies their “public servants” (i.e. politicians) advocate.
This is a reminder to take the time to learn the positions of politicians on issues that are important to you, your career and future.
Governor Murphy Signs the “Fair Chance in Housing Act”

Legislation will make it illegal for landlords to ask about criminal history on rental applications

Governor Murphy signed the Fair Chance in Housing legislation Act (S250/A1919) which bars housing providers from asking about criminal history on housing applications in most instances. The legislation aims to eliminate this barrier for those with criminal records.

The legislation will prohibit property owners from asking about a prospective tenant's criminal history unless they've met certain parameters, such as a sex offender or convicted for making meth in federally-assisted housing.

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Are you a 5/7 person?


The other day I saw one of those so called “cutsey” commercials where the narrator talked about the dread of the “Monday morning blues” and 5 more days till the weekend. 

I hate those commercials as it always seemed to me that some ad agency is implying that the majority of the American people hate their jobs. 

To me that is such a sad state of affairs, to spend a good part of your life doing something you hate. I always spoke to my kids when they were young about what were their interests and  what do they really have a passion for. And then the conversation would be, how and what they needed to do to be able to do to end up doing what they love. Hopefully most Americans at the very least like their jobs. 

I sincerely hope you like what you do, as well as like the people you work with. After all a good part of your life is spent working so you might as well enjoy it.

But if you are one of those 5/7ths people, who live for the weekend, and yearn for something better, something you enjoy and can start doing part time, real estate investing may be for you. 

There is no business quite like real estate investing. Yo