FAQs for The Hidden Market Workshop


Tony's first time visiting MREIA in October 2019 was a successful turnout.
Those who were hesitant to doorknock eventually wanted to give it a try seeing how easy Tony did it.


Is this workshop for me?

This workshop is for real estate investors who are...

  • tired of the competition and getting outbid on a property,

  • looking for their first deal,

  • looking for their next deal,

  • finding owners but don't know what to say to them,

  • getting responses from listing agents that a property is already under contract,

  • door-knocking but need a better strategy,

  • shocked at how overpriced the market is,

  • discouraged and often say "There aren't any good deals out there!"

If you relate to at least one of the above then yes, this workshop is for you.

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Three days is a LONG time. Will I be in a cold lecture hall for 8 hours straight each day?

No. You will actually be doing work in the workshop room and out in the field. (Details on the neighborhoods Tony will walk us through will be coming soon.) You will be taking actions and putting in effort that will be useful for you and your real estate business.

Here's the agenda to get a clearer picture.

  • Day 1 (Saturday, 5/4)
    • Plot a course of at least 1 foreclosure properties to visit.

    • Do comps on the properties we plan to visit.

    • Learn the formulas for making offers.

    • Learn how to structure offers on pre-foreclosure, bankruptcy, probate, owner financing, and subject-to deals.

  • Day 2 (Sunday, 5/5)
    • Spend the day visiting foreclosures and finding as many “Hidden Market” properties as possible.

    • Knock on doors and offer to buy from distressed

      property owners.

    • Look for and find vacant unlisted houses.

    • Inspect, estimate, and analyze actual properties.

  • Day 3 (Monday, 5/6)
    • Process the properties we found on Day 2.

    • Do ownership searches.

    • Do title searches, looking for liens and judgements.

    • Structure offers per property situation.



This looks great! How much is it?

The regular price is $997 but if you sign up before April 15, it's $897.



Doorknocking's not for me.

Tony will also teach you all the possible ways to contact these owners without knocking on the door. If you don’t like door knocking, you’ll learn other methods to get these great deals.


Let's address the elephant in the room. Is this just going to be another one of those infamous guru events?

NO. We believe in featuring speakers who have years of experience in actually doing what they're teaching. We don't usually have national speakers come in and sell their products and services. Most of our speakers are local volunteers. This is a rare occasion where we ask a national speaker to come and we made sure he's the real deal.

Tony Youngs started his real estate career in 1986 and specializes in distressed properties and foreclosures. 



Will I be upsold to buy into a mentorship program that costs my whole retirement savings and a leg?

Absolutely NOT. Use your money to buy properties. Weekly coaching calls with Tony and his “Foreclosures and the Hidden Market” Home Study Course are already included in the price.



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