Planning The Project

January 15, 2019

Antonella Romano, owner of Stone & Tile Emporium in Wyckoff, offers the following tips to consider
when selecting a professional(s) for tile purchase and installation:


1. A tile professional should know the variety of materials available to consumers for their projects, the differences between porcelain and, ceramic, quartz and quartzite, and granite and marble, and what particular material is best for a particular application.


2. Make sure the tile professional understands and communicates the installation process of the products
they are selling. They should be well-versed in the installation methods and adhesive materials used - mud vs. thin set, etc.


Also, if the salesperson recommends an installer, they should vouch for the installer's skill and experience.


3. Should you expect the tile professional to come to your home? Absolutely. It could make or break a project.

A tile professional should visit the site to ensure the right tile is selected for the environment and lifestyle it will have to standup to. A tile professional can explain the project and educate the consumer in the process.


4. Consumers should double check the quantity of tile(s) they will need before ordering materials from a tile professional, and ask if they take returns if too much tile for the job is ordered. Most importantly though, is the tile professional willing to visit the project site and measure the square footage to determine the amount of material needed before completing the sale?


5. A thorough tile professional should layout the project plan with the material to be used in a drawing. Such a drawing can help the consumer visualize the project and serve as a guide to the installer as to what tile goes where. Layouts based space dimensions and materials are critical to a project's success. It's all in the planning.



Reprinted by Permission. For more information, call 201-891-2444 or visit





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