Google Hacks To Run Your Real Estate Business

Tools Real Estate Investors Should be Using

When it’s time for me to drive the properties coming up on the tax deed auction list, Google is one of my first lines of defenses so that I can maximize my time on the road.

Did you know that you can get a huge list of properties into your Google “My Maps” in a matter of seconds to optimize your routes? Along with all the houses on the map I have the information about each property like the

number of bedrooms, bath, sq. feet, links to the property appraiser’s website etc. all in the map. Best of all, it’s on my phone.

Google has so many great tools that in 2010, the City of Orlando became the first city in America to switch employees to Gmail. That Gmail account looks like a regular city of Orlando email but on the back end is hosted by google and functions just like a Gmail account. Many of Google’s applications are free. Google Drive: access your files that are stored securely online and it makes collaborating easy. You no longer have to email documents back and forth.

I use Google spreadsheets to keep track of the properties. I am interested in buying while sharing the list with

virtual assistants and colleagues who can work on them simultaneously. I control who accesses the files. You will never hear, “I lost that file; can you send it to me again?”

Google Form is another free tool that can make you money. You can easily create a customizable Google Forms for sellers to fill out on your house buying website. Google stores the data into a spreadsheet for you... Now ask yourself how much is it worth if you can close on one of those leads?

Want a free Business phone number? Get Google Voice. You can forward and screen calls. When someone leaves a message Google transcribes it and can send it to you or more than one person in a text or email.

Let’s say you want to go see one of those leads, you can schedule it in Google Calendar. Then share the calendar to allow others to see when you are available.

We haven’t even scratched the surface of what is available for you to use for free with Google. You may already be using Gmail for your emails. But what about all of these other Google investor friendly applications:


  • Drive

  • Forms

  • Calendar

  • Google My Maps

  • Hangouts

  • Slides

  • Spreadsheets

  • Voice

  • Alerts

  • Earth

  • YouTube

  • Chrome

  • Labs

and more.


Reprinted Courtesy of Central Florida Realty Investors Association (CFRI). Visit or call (407) 328-7773 Source: CRFI INVESTORS, July 2018 newsletter.

Sandra Edmond has been a real estate investor since 2004; In addition to being a Past President of CFRI, she is also a Realtor® and a licensed Real Estate Broker Associate with Matrix International Realty. She’s a CFRI Lifetime Member and is known as the Queen Of Tax Deeds.

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