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April 2009 | Dave Corsi, MREIA's Legislative Awareness Chair

If the events of the past year reaffirm anything, it is simply this: beware of “the experts.” Most of the financial experts were claiming that the economy’s “fundamentals” were solid. Meanwhile, “experts” in the banking sector claimed they might see some losses in the mortgage market but that banks were well prepared to cover those mortgage loans. And the cable television financial and business twenty-four hour networks have “experts” that speak about “the market” as if it is a living, breathing human being.

What is the Point of all this?

Simply: be very careful and discerning to whom you listen to and get advice from. Be prepared to question and challenge their assumptions. And do not be intimidated by their “expert” moniker. Titles are cheap; wisdom isn’t.

On April 22 and 23rd, the National Association of Real Estate Investors (National REIA) will be having its annual “Day on the Hill” trip to Washington D.C. It is an opportunity for those in the real estate investing industry to meet with and discuss legislative issues with our elected officials and their aides.

It is also a great opportunity to meet investors from all over the country to share ideas and learn how they are dealing with the barrage of government rules and regulations.

To learn more, you can visit National REIA’s website at: www.nationalreia.com

About the Author

Dave is a Past President of MREIA, the current Legislative Awareness Chairperson and has made presentations at MREIA meetings and the Learning Annex.

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