What Made America Great?

October 2010 | Dave Corsi, MREIA's Legislative Awareness Chair

What made America great were not the politicians, bureaucrats and self-interest groups. What made America great was the idea and implementation of the individual achievement, limited government and the free enterprise system.

Unfortunately we have seen an increasingly disturbing trend of government intervention in all areas of our lives. The government has decided that it has the responsibility and obligation to tell us what we can eat, what kind of car we can drive and what kind of health care we will be allowed to have.

We have a President who believes he knows how much we should be allowed to earn. No longer should it be up to an individual that is regulated by an individual’s talents, abilities and the free market system.

Needless to say, the President’s income restriction theories only apply to the regular people, not the elitist politicians and their friends.

Real estate investors have been under attack for several years now. Foreclosure laws, bed bugs, lease option and seller financing legislation have undergone drastic transformations, which in many cases is unconstitutional.

Now it is your turn. Election day is coming and you will have the chance to let your elected representatives know what you think of their performance.

Americans will have to decide what kind of nation we are going to be: a nation where individuals and limited government are the rule or a nation continuing to slide into socialism.

The choice is yours; November is coming. GET OUT AND VOTE!

About the Author

Dave is a Past President of MREIA, the current Legislative Awareness Chairperson and has made presentations at MREIA meetings and the Learning Annex.

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